pinzetten forcepsAll Forceps are handcrafted under the microscope, to the highest standards. Each S&T forcep is inspected utilizing rigid QC standards, assuring you consistently well made instruments, designed specifically for microsurgery.


S&T Classic Line

One of the greatest obstacles at the inception of microsurgery was finding the instruments that were delicate enough to facilitate the job. Macro instruments were obviously too crude for the tasks in question. And so the quest started for more appropriate instruments, and ended with S&T's development of a CLASSIC LINE - a line that is routinely used to this day. The S&T CLASSIC LINE forceps were originally developed out of jeweler's forceps, as they were the finest forceps available. This is still evident in the number that defines a specific version, or in the abbreviation use of 'JF', which stands for Jeweler Forceps.

InertS&Teel Forceps

Magnetization of instruments is a frequent cause of some annoyance in microsurgery. The high grade heat-hardened stainless steel from which many S&T instruments are made is magnetizable. However, we can offer you the choice of INERTSTEEL instruments which solve the problem at the source.

CryS&Tal SuperGrip Forceps

Micro, tungsten carbide tips feature durable jaws and assist in the gripping of the needle and suture with less pressure. The forceps also allow for the gripping of tissue with less pressure, thus minimizing slippage and trauma. They also allow for a more secure grip when compared with conventional forceps.

Fixation Forceps

Our 1x2 tooth-fixation forceps features very fine teeth to minimize trauma. The grip is more than sufficient for all standard situations in microsurgery.

Balance Forceps

Balanced instruments are designed to put the centre of gravity (the balance point) in the web space between the thumb and index finger. This is accomplished by adding a slight counter weight to the proximal end of the instrument. The design of balanced instruments enhances tactile feel, aiding in better control and precision. Balanced instruments are less tiring to handle, especially during lengthy procedures. Round handle balanced instruments have better handling characteristics than the standard (non-balanced) round handle instruments.

Forceps by Pierse

Distinguished by their minute "hole in the tip", Pierse forceps were originally designed to hold the sclera - the most slippery tissue in the body. As their remarkable gripping power has been appreciated, their use has gradually spread from eye surgery to wider microsurgical fields. The two minute tissue contact pads, backed by the tissue retention hole, securely grip tissue while minimizing trauma to the tissue. This is much better than the interlocking jaws of a conventional fine toothed forceps. For grasping and holding tissues as diverse as vascular sheath, epineurium, vas deferens or fallopian tube, Pierse forceps are among the most indispensable instruments of a microsurgeon.

Multipuropse Forceps by Sørensen

These designs by Jesper Sørensen, M.D., Ph.D., are useful in all plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures. The working tips are configured to enable their use as dilators at the front but also as needle holders and tying forceps further in the back.

Platform Forceps

Platform ("Plateau") forceps were initially developed for the US market. The plateau depicts the usable area with "guaranteed" parallel closure. In this way a reliable grip on sutures can be ensured.

Forceps by Banis

This handy instrument, with its delicate curved tip, is designed for end-to-side anastomosis. It is specifically intended to make the work of the surgeon's left hand easier. In passing the needle it provides internal counter-pressure or external edge-eversion, even at those angles where a straight forceps would be of little help. It is also an excellent suture tying instrument.

Tubing Inducer Forceps

These forceps are used to introduce micro catheters into blood vessels for medication and diagnostic purposes.








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